Land Preservaton

We focus on being preservers of the land. Farm preservation is very important to Alliance Ag, LLC. We work with local foresters to provide forest plans and rehabilitation. We monitor drainage, soil fertility and compaction on each farm. We understand the benefits of soil and water conservation and expect good stewardship on each of the farms under management. We work with land trusts and ag districts if it is the clients wish to place agricultural easements on their land for farm preservation.

Farm Plans

Each year a farm plan is created with information such as farm budgets, lease types, operating and capital projects, crop inputs such as seed selection and hybrid selection and soil testing. We maintain a close working relationship with the operators that carry out each task from planning, planting to harvest.

Financial Reporting

Alliance Ag, LLC provides complete financial reporting. A fully customized farm accounting program provides income and expense statements, general ledger detail, budget comparison and easy to read cash flow spreadsheets. Quarterly and year end reports are sent out explaining the financial position. Budgets are created at the beginning of the year to project capital improvements and owner’s capital withdrawals. Alliance Ag, LLC farm managers personally review and pay all bills and collect all funds. This allows the farm manager to understand every aspect of the farming operation and the clients farm assets and needs. If a client requests, direct communication with the client’s tax consultants is possible.

Lease Negotiation & Preparation

At the end of each year the farm manager reviews the return per acre on the client’s land. During this review the farm manager will prepare the lease and will provide the new lease structure for the following year obtaining good returns while creating lasting tenant relationships. We pride ourselves in having the ability to select excellent tenants. We try not to let any one individual or entities to have a high percentage of our managed acres.